We provide 5 weeks intensive coding and programming courses

Our lecturers are very experienced and trained computer science professionals and professors from Canada and USA. Their aim is to promote technological advancement in Ghana. They want Ghana to be Africa Silicon Valley and Information Technology Hub for Africa. 

“Ghana must lead Africa Technological Development. This can be done only through learning how to develop our own technologies through coding and programming.  And with the input of every citizen adopting logical thinking and critical reasoning will help Ghana and our youth to achieve our National Developmental Agenda. This is what this platform and the University want to acheive”.  

We use the advanced and intuitive learning management platform, used in advanced countries like the USA, Canada, and UK to deliver our online courses. You can pay as low as 100 Ghana Cedis to start a course. There are some free courses available.

You can request for information or apply using this link: Application Form


Computer Architeture and Engineering

  • Computer Organization and Architecture
  • Logic Gates and Boolean Algebra
  • Security Engineering and Architecture.
  • Enterprise Systems Architecture
  • Information Technology
  • PC Assembly and Maintenance
  • Cloud Computing Architectures

Electronics and Electrical Engineering

Computer Progarmming Languages

  • Programming in C/C++
  • Programming in Python
  • Programming in Java
  • Programming in C#
  • Programming Logic
  • Android Application Development
  • Game Programming
  • Database Programing

Computer Software Engineering

  • Overview Of Computer Science
  • Web Technologies
  • Software Project Management
  • Software Quality Assurance
  • Web Design and Implemnetation
  • Operating Systems
  • Network Development
  • Database Systems

Enrollment is open. Classes will start in June 2020. Appication form is avalable. Intensive short courses of 5 weeks duration available.

Our Learning Management System

Our learning management system (LMS) is one of the best used in the World.  

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The first Onlne Uinversity in Ghana

Join our course and start building the most wanted career available today. We make sure every class is easily understood, and that all students reach the same level of expertise needed for today’s hi-tech industry