Programming in C#

Course Description:

This course provides the beginning programmer with a guide to developing programs in C#. C# is a language developed by the Microsoft Corporation as part of the .NET Framework and Visual Studio platform.
With C#, you can build small, reusable components that are well-suited to Web-based programming applications.

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this course students will be able to:

  1. Understand the language by creating working C# programs using both the simple command line and the Visual Studio environment
  2. Learn about data and how to input, store, and output data in C#
  3. Create GUI applications
  4. Explore classic programming structures—making decisions, looping, and manipulating arrays—and how to implement them in C#
  5. Provide a thorough study of methods, including passing parameters into and out of methods and overloading them
  6. Understand object-oriented concepts of inheritance and exception
  7. Learn how to save data to and retrieve data from files

Course Content/Outline

Module 1

  1. A First Program Using C#
  2. Using Data
  3. Using GUI Objects and the Visual Studio IDE
  4. Making Decisions
  5. Quiz 1

Module 2

  1. Looping
  2. Using Arrays
  3. Using Methods
  4. Advanced Method Concepts
  5. Using Classes and Objects
  6. Quiz 2

Module 3

  1. Introduction to Inheritance
  2. Exception Handling
  3. Using Controls
  4. Handling Events
  5. Files and Streams
  6. Final Exams

There will be hands-on in each lesson. There will be an Assingnment after each class or lesson. Students will submit a final class project