Java Programming

Course Description:

This course provides the beginning programmer with a guide to developing applications using the Java programming language. Java is popular among professional programmers because it can be used to build visually interesting graphical user interface (GUI) and Web-based applications. Java also provides an excellent environment for the beginning programmer—a student can quickly build useful programs while learning the basics of structured and object-oriented programming techniques.

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this course students will be able to:

  1.  Write complete Java programs utilizing objects
  2.  Write Java applets
  3. Write Java GUI applications
  4. Write the Java code to perform exception handling
  5. Write Java programs using inheritance
  6. Be able to use the selection, repetition, and sequential structures
  7. Be able to access external data sources (files) other than the keyboard
  8. Utilize arrays, vectors, etc. to solve programming problems

Course Content/Outline

Module 1

  1. Creating Java Programs
  2. Using Data
  3. Using Methods, Classes, and Objects
  4. More Object Concepts
  5. Making Decisions
  6. Quiz 1

Module 2

  1. Looping
  2. Characters, Strings, and the StringBuilder
  3. Arrays
  4. Advanced Array Concepts
  5. Introduction to Inheritance
  6. Quiz 2

Module 3

  1. Advanced Inheritance Concepts
  2. Exception Handling
  3. File Input and Output
  4. Introduction to Swing Components
  5. Using JavaFX and Scene Builder
  6. Final Exams

There will be hands-on in each lesson. There will be an Assingnment after each class or lesson. Students will submit a final class project