Python Programming

Course Description:

This course provides the beginning programmer with a guide to developing programs in Python. Python is a popular programming language that can be used for web development (server-side), software development, mathematics, system scripting. In this course we use the basic python progamming laguage to write  programs. 

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this course students will be able to:

  1. Understand how to use python language to devlop programs using IDLE
  2. Learn about basic python codding skills and working data types and variables
  3. How to code control ststemnets using boolean expressions, selection sturctures and iteration structure.
  4. How to define and use funtions and modules in python.
  5. How to test and debug programs
  6. Underastand how to work with list and tuples
  7. How to work with file I/Os and handling exceptions.

Course Content/Outline

Module 1

  1. Iintruduction to Python 
  2. How to use IDLE 
  3. How to write first python proram 
  4. Data types and Variables
  5. The use of Functions
  6. Quiz 1

Module 2

  1. Coding control statements
  2. How to use iteration structure 
  3. Using functions and modules
  4. Create and use modules
  5. Testing and debuging
  6. Quiz 2

Module 3

  1. Basic Skills working with list
  2. Working with tuples
  3. Introductin to file I/O
  4. Using CVS files
  5. Excptions handling
  6. Final Exams

There will be hands-on in each lesson. There will be an Assingnment after each class or lesson. Students will submit a final class project